Lucinda Estate is located on the edge of Leongatha in South Gippsland, Victoria. Proprietors Lucinda and Andrew Gromotka, live on, grow the grapes and make the wine on site.

The vineyard was planted in the year 1990 on an easterly aspect. The soils are deep red clay loams with ancient volcanic loams with buckshot. (High ironstone content). The climate is cool and affords us a long ripening, allowing for development of complex and flavorsome grapes, whilst retaining natural acidity. The vines are close planted with over 6000 vines to the hectare. Thus keeping the yields per vine to levels well bellow what the vast majority of vineyards in Australia could ever hope to achieve. This environment provides an ideal home for our principle variety’s Pinot Noir and Chardonnay.

We are blessed with an excellent vineyard site, with beautiful soils that provide all the nutrients necessary for the production of grapes. The easterly aspect captures the early morning rays of sunlight. Wherever possible we try to employ organic practices and facilitate this by fastidiously managing the canopy with a goal of opening up the canopy. The benefits are, the exposure of the grapes to direct sunlight, a major contributing factor to the quality of the wine and creating a micro climate resistant to disease, aiding in the minimization of chemical inputs.

To produce wine that expresses the “Terrior” of the vineyard in which grapes were grown. Terroir, being the French term that describes the unique combinations of aromas, flavours and textures that can be attributed to a wine made from a particular vineyard. The terrior of Lucinda Estates wines are perfumed aroma’s, rich primary fruit flavours, coupled with complex secondary characters and completed by a long persistent finish. We are proud of our wines and believe they express the unique Terrior of Lucinda Estate. The spirit, hard work and emotion we have expended in the production of our wines has been well invested.

We hope the savoring of our wine will bring much pleasure and enjoyment.